Welcome to Stick Enterprises. Our designs are based on the revolutionary Free Hands two-handed tapping method discovered by Emmett Chapman on guitar in 1969 and taught since then to players around the world. With Emmett's method, both of your hands are equal partners. As they approach the fretboard from opposite sides, your fingers line up parallel to the frets and a powerful new musical language emerges - bass lines, lead melodies, chords, and rhythm, simultaneously, and in any combination you desire.

Today thousands of musicians are making their own music with our Stick, Grand Stick, Stick Bass, Stick Guitar and NS/Stick fretboard tapping instruments. Emmett continues to expand on his original concepts by adding to the variety of Stick models, features and tunings - defining the state of the art in tapping instruments.

The Stick comes from the guitar and bass, but its playing method shares roots with keyboards and drums as well, placing all of these musical voices in the hands of one musician. The Stick is unique, expansive, versatile, like each of its players; a blank slate upon which to "tap your potential."

  • The Stick®10-string 36"-scale. in hardwoods and bamboo
  • NEW MODEL: The Railboard®10-string 34"-scale integrated fret and beam structure.
  • Grand Stick®12-string 36"-scale in hardwoods and bamboo
  • Stick Bass® (SB8™)8-string 36"scale in hardwoods and bamboo
  • NS/Stick™ guitar/bass8-string "multi-mode" instrument with 4 active EMG pickups
  • Stick Guitar®12-string guitar scale in hardwoods and bamboo
  • The Stick®10-string 36"-scale in hardwoods and bamboo
  • Ten String Grand™10-string 36" scale with wider string spacing.
  • Alto Stick™10-string guitar scale in hardwoods and bamboo
  • Custom pickups for tappingPASV-4™ full-range Villex pickups with filtering
  • R-Block™Villex stereo/mono pickup module for the Railboard®
  • NS/Stick™multi-mode guiar/bass with 4 active EMG pickups
  • Laminated hardwoodsrosewood, wenge, ash, tarara, maple, mahogany, paduak
  • Laminated bamboomedium tan color three-tiered laminates
  • Rails® precision tapping fretsstainless steel for precision action and durability
  • Railboard® integrated frets and beamhard anodized aluminum frets
  • Fully adjustable bridgeadjust string height and intonation for any tuning.
  • Flaps™ Dual Nut Unitadjustable nut for perfect tapping action with any tuning
  • Divided® 4-way truss rodeasy adjustment for flat instrument profile
  • MIDI pickupscustom Roland GK MIDI pickups for all models
  • Colorful Inlaysa wide selection of colorful dot and linear inlays
  • TunersHip Shot tuning machines in variety of colors


NEW MODEL: The Railboard®
10-string integrated
fret and beam structure

Smaller Fret Rails® on all hardwood and bamboo models

New high-gloss lacquer finishes and penetrating dyes for the NS/Stick

12-string Stick Guitar® (SG12) and
10-string Alto Stick™

New NS/Stick bamboo neck with Rails™ tapping frets

New Divided Truss System™
A 4-Way Truss Rod™ for a more refined fretboard profile

New Laminated Bamboo Sticks: lighter in weight and more rigid than hardwoods, available in light and dark natural finishes, and colorful penetrating dyes

New Stick Dual Bass Reciprocal™ tuning for bassists.

Ten String Grand™ — 10 strings with wider string spacing

Linear fretboard markers option on all 8, 10, and 12-string models

PASV-4™ passive quad pickup module by Villex

Rails™ stainless steel precision tapping frets

Flaps™ Dual Nut Unit

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